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Flashing Blue Lights

Strong songwriting from the classic school of british rock and a hint of americana infused alt-country a la Ryan Adams & the Cardinals. Flashing Blue Lights was formed in November 2011 by brothers Tim and Jason Roy with childhood friend Jordan Stricklen on lead guitar. As well as performing their own headline shows around the midwest they have supported the likes of O.A.R, Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers and Griffin House among others. They released their debut album "The Formal Introduction of Flashing Blue Lights" in April 2013 and have begun working on a follow up for release in 2014.



Ever present but never realized, Pistolbrides came of age in late 2009; a product of influence in the post-future, referential world. They play rock and roll with specific nods to pre-summer-of-love psych and classic indie/alternative. Rich keyboard/synth lines mingle over fuzzed-out waves of 6-string; bounce around poly-rhythmic bass/drum play; hang on vocal harmony, but emphasis has always been on songwriting and sonic texture. Late 2011 saw the release of their debut EP, Witchcraft, which, with support from college radio stations across the country, resulted in multiple tours throughout the Midwest in the fall of 2012 and caught the attention of regional promoters. Pistolbrides have shared the stage with national buzz bands (Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Cloud Nothings), regional mainstays (Frontier Ruckus, NOMO, the Go Rounds), tour friends and hometown favorites alike, exploring sun-bleached sands, the dark depths of the human psyche, and everything in between.


Bandcamp: Pistolbrides on Bandcamp


From the depths of the Universe, a metronomic pulse controls the people of Earth. Rooted in the regression of popular music, the tenacious thump coattailed by analogous passages has yielded an undifferentiated populace by shielding human angst. Uto travels to the stagnant planet and seeks to relieve the human race from this fettle.

The brain child of a reclusive soul in San Francisco, the story of Uto was engineered by Robin Petersen over a decade ago. Coming alive with moderate tweaking in 2012, the 3-piece band, Uto, is on the verge of creating a unique profile within the genre of progressive rock music.

Website: UTO on Reverb Nation

The Locals

The Locals are an alt-pop, indie-rock trio from Chicago. Fronted by singer and songwriter Yvonne Doll, the Locals have been a part of the Chicago music scene for the last decade. They have played extensively in the Midwest, and recently completed their first UK tour (2011). 2013 brings a new release for the band, "Stereostatic Funicular" will drop 9.3.2013, but fans in their home town Chicago, will be treated to a huge cd release party on Friday 8.30.13 at The Double Door. Working once again with up and coming producer, Steven Gillis at Transient, sound "Stereostatic Funicular" is a brand new take on The Locals sound. A true evolution for on of the hardest working bands in the Midwest. "SALT" 2010 is the Locals' fifth studio effort is unapologetically guitar heavy alt-pop. Think meet The Pixies meet the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Breeders. Doll's distinct and powerful vocals cut confidently through the band, becoming the perfect compliment to the always solid, sometimes frenzied rhythm section of Nunes and Oedering.


Loch Hame

Tyler Loftis has been living in the East Village Manhattan for the last 16 years as a fine art painter. He has taken a two year hiatus to make music full time. His self produced debut album, Painter, will be out in 2013 under the band name Loch Hame.


The Real Lazy Genius

Lazy Genius was birthed in the dirty warehouse district of Grand Rapids, Michigan. They released their debut "Strange Plains, Dark Grooves" in 2009 to regional acclaim. Heightened interest has led to opening slots for the likes of Retribution Gospel Choir, Stardeath and White Dwarfs, Mr. Gnome and George Clinton. A split 7" record was released in 2010 with acclaimed Grand Rapids peers Pistolbrides. In May of 2012 the band released the 5 song EP "From The Ashes to the Stars" with the single and music video "Feels So Fine".

"Lazy Genius' new album, "Strange Plains, Dark Grooves," unleashes singularly riveting melodies and hooks that stick in the cranium for a long time, owing in part to influences ranging from The Beatles to The Flaming Lips to The Dead Milkmen. Lazy Genius can get psychedelic, inventive and rock the rafters all at the same time" John Sinkevics, Grand Rapids Press

"One would be surprised to hear that Lazy Genius is a local band. On "Let it Spill," the first track off Strange Plains, Dark Grooves, the band sounds more like it was part of the British Invasion. Immediately after, it switches gears and produces a gritty track ("Random Places") that one would swear came from Seattle. Lazy Genius plays with its listeners' ears throughout the album, switching from melodic, pop-tinged rock, to grunge and guitars, to opera-esque rock ballads ("Black & Blues"), the band keeps listeners in suspense with every track change". -Lindsay Patton-Carson, Revue Magazine


Bella Ruse

Bella Ruse's combination of airy folk and crunchy pop transforms rooms into secret gardens and paints pictures of invading bombardiers, salty sea love, and super glued hearts. Surrounded by a laboratory of instruments - typewriter, suitcase organ, glockenspiel, and kazoos - singer Kay Gillette's antique voice and Joseph Barker's mournful guitar twist and twirl and dip and dive and carry you deep down the rabbit-hole into their magical musical world.


The Hat Madder

Although featuring a revolving supporting cast, Isaac Vander Schuur - songwriter, lead vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist (but mostly guitar at live shows) - has ably led various incarnations of The Hat Madder, always sticking to his compelling vision of demented pop music. Originally founded in Austin, Texas in 2004, Vander Schuur has since returned to his native Michigan and built The Hat Madder into one of the top groups in the region with their exciting live shows and intricately detailed recorded productions. In 2012 Vander Schuur joined forces with Chris Baratono on Guitars, Keys and Vocals, bassist Ben Jenson, and drummer Christian Urrabazo. The boys have outdone themselves with the release of "Orgy Opposite" a great new full length. The pop songs are catchier, the noisy bits are crazier, the instrumentation is more adventurous. But whereas many bands would fall flat in the face of their own ambitions Isaac and co. hold it together. It's one of the great records that is not only engaging first listen but, grows with each listen.



Hailing from the great state of Michigan, Carielle was formed by six friends from different treks of life, wishing to write music that reflected their beliefs and experiences. After a year of extensive writing and touring, they released their debut EP on September 7, 2012 entitled ?Still Lungs?. ?The album tells about how life can take your breath away, in one way or another, and all the different ways in which that can happen,? explains guitarist Cody Flowers. For example, their debut single, "Say So Long," tells of a breathtaking love that can only be found in something greater than ourselves. Where as, "Virginia Woolf" depicts a much darker picture of love lost and the tragic reality that there is pain and sorrow. Holding an infectious live performance that is as engaging as it is entertaining, the indie rock outfit is looking forward to the new year, anticipating a follow up full-length album and extensive touring in the summer months. With a sound that HM Magazine dubbed as ?Quite refreshing and wonderful,? expect more from Carielle in the days to come.