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The Skies Revolt


The Wallace Collective

Whether you're a new fan, a long time follower, or just like good music, be sure to check out The Wallace Collective. You may want to bring a friend or two, cause this is the kind of music that brings folks together.


Bella Ruse

Bella Ruse's combination of airy folk and crunchy pop transforms rooms into secret gardens and paints pictures of invading bombardiers, salty sea love, and super glued hearts. Surrounded by a laboratory of instruments - typewriter, suitcase organ, glockenspiel, and kazoos - singer Kay Gillette's antique voice and Joseph Barker's mournful guitar twist and twirl and dip and dive and carry you deep down the rabbit-hole into their magical musical world.



From Midwestern landscapes of Michigan, and the vinyl collection of parents' basements, are Valentiger.


Ghost Heart

"Seeing Ghost Heart was one of those rare times when I leave a show super excited about a band previously unknown to me...They reminded me a little of Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend, only with more heart." --Detroit Metro Times


Ice Station Zebra

Ice Station Zebra believe there is nothing more painfully grating than reading an unblushing sales pitch/bio from a band you've never heard of before. That said, their sound smacks of hardish-to-softish independent rock'n'roll that a person can sing along with. They are four seasoned rockers from west Michigan who've played a million shows from here to hell and back. Three of them were members of the band Marshall Plan and two of them were members of the band The Pellows. You do the math.

K Serra

Rachel Sarah Thomas, a classically trained vocalist from the age of 5, was geared to become an opera singer. While studying vocal performance at the University of Michigan, Thomas was asked to sing on several electronic projects from other students in the school. She fell in love with the medium, left the classical world and began to explore. K. Serra is her most recent and personal project. For her first single Revival, Thomas began multi tracking to tape, playing every single instrument on her first studio single herself - with the exception of bass and trumpet.