The Soil & the Sun

The Soil & the Sun is corn-fed, Michigan-made New Mexican Space Music. Originating in 2008 as two-piece, the band has grown and matured into an eight-piece community of friends and musicians. Oboe, violin, cello, guitars, accordion, percussion, piano, and vocals, combine to create complex harmonies, layered melodies, and driving rhythms. The careful orchestration and intentional instrumentation will speak to your soul.
Video: Raised In Glory : Audiotree Live

Garrett Borns

Garrett Borns, singer/songwriter also known as G, Garbear, G. Borns, whatever you want to call him-- the cute guy with the killer voice-- produces a style of music that is fresh, organic, and is best described as an eclectic meal of all tastes. His music will make you want to dance, sway, hold someone tight, never say goodbye, say goodbye, smile, shake your money maker, do whatever you do, do it well, and express yourself. Joining Garrett on stage are veteran musicians Scott Pellegrom (drums), Kevin Kozel (guitar), and Jim Shaneberger (bass) who when combined create an artistic blend of music that will leave you wanting more.

Four Finger Five

Grand Rapids Rock/Pop/Soul trio Four Finger Five (Joe Sturgill guitar/vocals/keys, Steve Harris drums, Mike Phillips bass) are intensely focused on making the best and most authentic original music they can, offering up a healthy serving of spanking new tracks in 2011, and exclusive content for the most loyal. The thousands of fans that have stuck by this trio of gifted and disparate musicians for nearly a decade have earned it, a growing throng attending show after show and hankering for more. There's no room for breaks in the green room here - Four Finger Five is on the way up, and they're bringing everybody with them.

Head Rocks

Head is a power trio from Grand Rapids, MI. Their practical approach to songwriting has yielded a sound that can't be categorized or commodified. With influences ranging from The Melvins to Bowie to Face to Face, this band is a melting pot of aesthetics. Recently reunited after a 8 year hiatus, they released their 3rd debut "Strike of The Golden Eagle" in May of 2011.

Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire

Members: Nathan Kalish (guitar), Julio Gomez (guitar), Matt Ten Clay (bass guitar), Steve Thrasher (skins)
Genre: Rock and Roll
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI

Lazy Genius

Members: Pat Wieland, Dan Wier, Dennis Petrie, Douglass Rovinsky
Genre: Independent Rock
Hometown: Grand Rapids, MI


Bangups are a two piece featuring Joey Dornbos (guitar/vocals) and Brent French (drums). Put to music with a melody that doesn?t let the listener sulk - Bangups music hits hard with solid electrifying energy. Influences include Bob Dylan, Hank Williams Sr., James Brown, Son House, Animals, Johnny Cash, White Stripes, and Weezer.

"...this Grand Rapids duo's debut fly by, unhinged, honest, raw - and they call to mind everything you love about whiskey soaked, back-sliding blues. The best part - it's all ridden with foot stomping, cymbal crashing beats and glorious guitar fuzz."
-Dan MacDonald, 939 The River - a Detroit Radio Station.

King Crab Apple

King Crabapple has cultured a reputation in Muskegon as a formidable five-piece, blending hip-hop and funk into something ferocious. With a songbird female vocalist and a male MC on the mic they oscillate wildly between their inspirations but never seem to settle.

The Press Delete

Members: Jeff Templeton, Ben Oegema, Joel Boyles and Jamie Pierce
Genre: Indie Rock
Hometown: Holland, MI

Theo Katzman & (((LOVEMASSIVE)))

Members: Hannah Winkler, Dustbowl Revival, and Gavin Wilkinson
Genre: Indie/Soul